Research Area Chemistry of Raw Material and Products

In this research area, all issues related to chemical analysis as well as chemical-technological use of wood and other biomass are addressed with focus on basic and applied research. It includes chemical characterization of wood species and biomass as well as their components, but also, for example, analysis of wood preservatives or chemical behaviour of various wood species in industry-relevant processes. In addition, interactions of wood with various binders or additives are examined.

This also involves examinations of the interaction between wood or isolated components and adhesives which should be studied by means of a combination of ATR-FTIR spectroscopy and rheology in order to gather information on the chemical reaction and curing behavior of wood-adhesive combinations during the actual wetting and curing process.

Another focus is on isolation, separation and characterization of accessory wood components (extractives) which influence the natural durability of wood and contribute to wood degradation by fungi. At present, some durable tropical wood species, whose action mechanism is still unknown, are being chemically analyzed.

Our research at a glance:

  • Chemical characterisation of wood, lignocelluloses and their molecular components
  • Chemical behaviour of wood in industry-relevant processes
  • Interaction with binders
  • Wood extractives and their role in biological degradation by fungi
  • Analysis of wood preservatives, adhesives etc.