Association of Friends and sponsors of the Wood Research Munich (GFF)

The GFF was founded in 1956 on initiative of Prof. Kollmann (head of the HFM) and some of the leading representatives of the wood industry. Since then it supports the Holzforschung München as a non-profit organization in research and teaching. Today 31 companies, 9 organizations plus 39 individuals are members of the association. Every two years it hosts the 'Congress on wood Munich' where latest issues are presented and discussed from representatives of the institute as well as from external experts. Members receive a report about all acitivities of the HFM biyearly.


1. Chairman: Xaver Haas (Haas Fertigbau GmbH)
2. Chairman:Karl Moser (KAMO GmbH)
Treasurer:Jürgen Schmidt (Holzforschung München)
Secretary: Dr. Elisabeth Windeisen-Holzhauser (Holzforschung München)


Membership fee is 35 euro for individuals, for companies and organization minimumfee is 200 euro.

Contact: GFF - Holzforschung München e. V.