Testing laboratory, inspection body and certification body

Holzforschung München is an accredited and notified testing laboratory, inspection body and certification body for timber products and fire protection (notified body 0797). In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich´s material testing institute for building trade Holzforschung München conducts a testing laboratory for wood adhesives according to regional building regulation.

Fire testings (any material)

  • tests on building materials according to DIN 4102 and EN 13501 for any material
  • melting point determination of mineral wool according to DIN 4102-17
  • smoldering tests (e.g. EN 16733)
  • fire resistance tests according to DIN 4102, EN 1363, 1364 and 1634
  • burning behaviour classifications of building products and construction types: DIN 4102-1, -2 and -5, EN 13501-1 and -2

Find here information about our testing apparatuses. We test all materials competently and on time. We as well support manufacturers developing new products. A special focus is on wood and wood-based products, thermal insulation products, suspended ceilings, fire doors as well as charring rates and smoldering behaviour of building products. The testing laboratory is authorized to issue general test certifications.

Inspections and certifications according to requirements of the building regulations are offered as well. We issue expert assessment for products which differ from the general technical usability. This applies for: general technical approval, general test certification, approval in the individual case or product standard.

Any researches regarding fire behaviour or smouldering behaviour of various materials can be done.

Inspection and certification

The Wood Research Munich is accredited according to Construction Product Regulation (CE-Sign) as well according to state building regulation (Ü-Sign). HFM inspects and certificates companies producing e.g. following products:

  • Construction products (reaction to fire)
  • laminated timber
  • construction timber graded by strength for load bearing applications
  • building materials with nail plate jointing
  • wood panel elements
  • laminated veneer lumber for load bearing applications
  • wood-based panels
  • thermal insulation products (reaction to fire)
  • gypsum boards (reaction to fire)
  • suspended ceilings (reaction to fire)
  • doors and windows (reaction to fire)