Dr. Ani Khaloian Sarnaghi

Research Laboratory Wood

Location Schwabing-West

Tel. +49 89 2180 6716


Academic Career

2020 - present PostDoctoral researcher at the Department of Wood Technology/Technical University of Munich
Since 2020 Project Team Leader for IGSSE FaiMONat Project
2015 - 2020 PhD in the field of computational mechanics of wood at the Department of Wood Technology/Technical University of Munich
2012 - 2015 Master studies in Computational Mechanics at Technical University of Munich
2007 - 2011 Bachelor studies in Engineering of Wood Technology in Tehran University of Iran

Research Areas

  • Developement of a material model for fiber based biomaterials with anisotropic and heterogeneous material properties.
  • Developement of a virtual method for strength prediction of wood.
  • Developement of a numerical model for prediction of the structural pattern of wood.
  • Numerical analysis of Engineered Wood Products.
  • 3D geometrical reconstruction based on point-clouds.
  • Damage and failure analysis of timber and timber joints.


My research is concentrated on the development of a material model for fiber-based biomaterials to predict their mechanical behavior including their anisotropy and heterogeneity using FE-numerical analysis. 

Wood is a non-homogenous and anisotropic material. It is a biomaterial with a cellular structure and imperfections (defects) such as knots that are influencing its strength properties.

By reconstruction of the full 3D geometrical model of timber boards from surface image of knots, imperfections are fully integrated into the finite element model. After prediction of the fiber patter, strength of the single lamellas can be predicted by analyzing the stress distribution in boards and by performing virtual vibration techniques.

The model can further be used for reconstruction of the engineered wood products with an optimized setup configuration. Additionally, failure behavior of single and engineered components can be predicted.


  • Political and social perspectives of renewable resources


  • Khaloian A., van de Kuilen J-W (2016) Numerical modeling of the time dependent behavior of glulam beams. Doktorandenkolloquium Holzbau „Forschung und Praxis“, Stuttgart


  • Doktorandenkolloquium Holzbau „Forschung und Praxis“ 1-2 March 2016 in Stuttgart